Welcome to Ravish Bangle Bazaar
Talk about Bangles from Heaven! - See the Video

Ravish is thrilled to be able to present to you, armfuls of beautiful silver.

Enter the world where you can select your favourite bangles from a large and unusual range of designs to suit your every mood, lifestyle, or event.

Choose from plains or patterns with cut out effects, swirls, some more heavily oxidised than others, smooth or bumpy finish, thicker designs or simple thin and light bangles. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Going to work? You may prefer a simple style to match your work attire.
Going clubbing? Dress up with an armful to add extra impact to your LBD!

And remember to match them to other gorgeous Ravish bracelets, watches, rings,
necklaces and earrings.

Indulge yourself completely in the luxury that is 
Ravish Bangle Bazaar.

Ready to order? Click here to see our full and ever-changing range… and…dare to dream !